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NEPAL Budget Tour
for Rs.9999/- with Pashupathinath Special Pooja and Train tickets,All meals,Hotel accommodation,sightseeing.
Group Departue Dates : Jan 30th and February 14th: For Further details Contact :: 7799878688,7799843789
- SULLURPETA (SPSR Nellore) BHOOMIPOOJA:- Photo Gallery -Layout Plan -Project Code:Block A:76,Block B:77
Wellfare Township
- KAVALI (Budamgunta Village,SPSR Nellore)- Layout Plan- Project Code:74
- NELLORE (Goturivari kandiga Village, Amancharla) - Layout Plan- Project Code:75
- ATMAKUR (Nellore Palem Panchayat,SPSR Nellore)- Layout Plan- Project Code:73
- BHOGAPURAM ,Near NH5 ,Vizianagaram )- - Project Code:70 , Wellfare City - CHEVELLA - P.Code : 71

 "Please see the circular for OR commission structure on ventures at – Wellfare Township- Bhogapuram, Wellfare City- Chevella, Hyderabad
and Wellfare Heights, Peda Waltair, Visakhapatnam
..  Branch Incharges please affix it on notice board : CIR. No: 21 /Admin/2013.

: Important Message :

  • Late fee is calculated for the customers whose date of commencement is after 01/01/2009
  • Renewals will not be a accepted for those customers whose pending installments are more than 12
  • It is to instruct all the branch managers/incharges not to give any kerala munnar boat expenditure , without approval from Head Office. If you did so, the expenditure will be invalid.
  • Incompleted Applications will not be shown in Fresh Business Statement.
For Technical Querries, Please Contact: Phone: 0891-2534584 ,Fax: 0891-2562443 Or Mail us to any one in the list. [Mail List]
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